The Members of the Confederation hold true these Rights of all People and Life undeniable, unbreakable, unquestionable, unalienable, unshakable, unmovable, self-evident, absolute and universal.

§1: The Equality of Sapience- All sapients are born with equal rights and obligations to the Law.

§2: The Right of Mind- All Sapient may posses any thoughts, feelings, ideas and worship any Religion without punishment and no other Sapient has the right to enforce their own thoughts, feelings, ideas, or Religious teachings upon other Sapients.

§3: The Right of Expression- All Sapients have the right to express any thoughts, feelings, ideas and oppinions they possess unless these are threatening, slandering, harmful or infringe on the rights of other Sapients.

§4: The Right of Non-Suffering- Sapients have the right to never having to endure any torture or suffering regardless of anything.

§5: he Right of Non-Discrimination- No Sapients hall be discriminated for individual needs intrinsic to their species.

§6: The Right of Life- Sapients may defend themselves in times of crisis or severe threat.

§7: The Right of Fairness- Any Sapient suspected of crime shall have a fair and unbiased Judge and Jury presiding over them and their case.

§8: The Right of Representation- Before the Law all Sapients are garantueed legally abiding, unbiased and sound representation.

§9: The Right of Privacy- Sapients lives shall remain private and off limit to the State unless there is strongly suspected, or tangible evidence of said Sapient committing, aiding, or taking art in either criminal activity or the desecration of any rights from the Document of the Rights of Life.

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