Umbrean government system is a oligarchic republic.

Structure[edit | edit source]

The structure of the government is 3 divided where each part can be held responsible for their action to one another. The Umbrean High Council (UHC), Umbrean Confederate Court (UCC) and Umbrean Senate(US)

High council[edit | edit source]

The high council sits with the absolute power of the confederacy. It has 7 councilors that take care of various fields. They are not elected by popular vote but may be put to investigation if the Parliament have reason to suspect that they have not done their job properly and lose their position and be prosecuted if the suspiciouns are well funded. The Confederate Court is responsible to conduct an investigation if that is the case.

Senate[edit | edit source]

The parliament is voted forth by elections every 5 years and has 13 representatives from around the confederacy, one for each member continent. Its job is to represent the people, their wishes and desires while keeping an eye on the high council ensuring it does not abuse its power, The representative from eahc continent is decieded locally on the invidiual continent.

Confederate Court[edit | edit source]

It has the job of ensuring that the constitution is upheld by the high council and parliament. The judges are not selected by voting or the high council and parliament but picked from internally. Both The Parliament and high council are able to to launch investigations on a selected judge of they think he might not be qualified or is misusing their power.

Legislature[edit | edit source]

Holds the power to pass, amand or repeal laws in order to serve the nations interest.

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