Lenght[edit | edit source]

Name Spine Vertabrae Metric Imperial
English Umbrean
Vertebra (2.21) cm (0.878072) inch
Link (6.690) cm (2.63422) inch
(6.690) cm (2.63422) inch
Spine* cm (28.976) inch
Pendel (115.975) cm inch
Town radii meter (0.5268) miles
League meter (2.63421) miles
NautiLeague meter (5.26842) miles

* Standard measure in shopping

League km miles
1 4.23936 2.63421
0.23588 1 0.62137
0.37962 1.60934 1

Angle[edit | edit source]

Name Circle fraction U Metric
U 1 °

Area[edit | edit source]

Name Spine2 Metric Imperial
English Umbrean
Spine2 1 m2 ft2
Town area 4170898 ha

Volume[edit | edit source]

Name Skull Vert3 Metric Imperial
English Umbrean
Eye cm3 fl oz
Vert3 cm3 fl oz
Pint* cm3 fl oz
Skull** L qt

*Standard unit for purchases or prices at pubs

**Standard unit for purchases or prices in stores

Mass[edit | edit source]

Name Heart Metric Imperia
English Umbrean
Tooth Döndiu g (0.11234567890) oz
Jaw g (12.13) oz
Heart g (12.13) oz
Daymeal* g (36.4) oz
Brain** g (48.53) oz
Ustone g (194.13) oz
69 152.118960908 12 ust 13ht

*Standard unit for purshases of meat

**Standard unit for the rest

Time[edit | edit source]

Name First Second Third Sixday Day Metric
English Umbrean Sec Min Hour

Temperature[edit | edit source]

Name Def Metric Imperial
English Umbrean Value Conversion Value Conversion
Degree Umbra (°C) One 240th of the differens
between water boiling
and freezing at 1 atm
°C °C °F °F
Celcius Farenheit Umbrean
0 32 48
37 98.6 136.8
100 212 288

Velocity[edit | edit source]

Name Dime Spine/Third League/sixthday Metric
English Umbrean m/s km/h mph
(2.4) (0.679385) (0.188718)
(1.07054) (0.2973)
(0.416) (0.2830769) (1.019077)

Acceleration[edit | edit source]

Name Dime Spine/Third² Metric
English Umbrean m/s²
PendelG (9.753101)

Force[edit | edit source]

Name Def Dim Metric Imperia
English Umbrean
Heartforce Force of a heart
mass in gravity
* (2.23658127227)N
Heartal (0.143812135)N


Energy[edit | edit source]

Name Def BL Dim Metric Imperia
English Umbrean
Brain-lift (BL) Energy to lift
a brain mass
1 spine up
Brain-Pend Energy to lift
a brain mass
1 spine up
Atm-Spine 22.5 HV pressure
in 1 Spine³
& *


Pressure[edit | edit source]

Name Dim HV HS Metric Imperia
English Umbrean
Heart per
Square Vertebra (HV)
(4496.31713267)Pa 0.652135692769 PSI
Heart per
Square Spine (HS)
(4.129)Pa 0.652135692769 PSI
Magnitude HV HS
22.5 24502.5
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